Safe Custody Information


Information on Safe Custody : Postpay Subscriber:

  1. Your account will not be charged any rental for period under Safe Custody.
  2. Safe custody can opt max 90days. For certain segmented customers , it is allowed till 180days.
  3. Post expiry of the safe custody duration your connection will get restored to normal status and plan rental charges will apply.
  4. Following charges for Safe Custody will be applicable:-
    • 150 / for first three Months, Non proratable and Taxable
    • 50/ per month will be charged For subsequent months where allowed till 6 months.
    • Charges to be billed in the next bill for the number of months the customer asks for FSC.
    • Eg: if customer asks for 5 months Rs.250 to be charged in next bill. If the request for renewal is given after the safe custody feature expires then the customer will be charged Rs.150 at least.