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Track Me

Tata Docomo’s Track Me is a unique service that enables subscribers select a recipient and convey with at most 9 alerts, 15 minutes apart, service subscriber’s approximate location for 2 hours following the SMS service activation. It comes in 2 variants:

  • Track Me – Location SMS every 15 min. for 2 Hrs @ Rs.5/- per event
  • Track Me Day – Location SMS every 30 min. for 8 Hrs @ Rs.10/- per event
  • The service does not require any subscription.
  • The subscriber is billed only on event initiation.
  • Each Track Me session instance is billed at Rs.5 per event.
  • Each Track Me Day session instance is billed at Rs.10 per event.
  • The service is based on approximate location tracking through cell sites on Tata Docomo networks. The service entitles subscribers to voluntarily opt for having their location published to a specific recipient.
  • Instead of deploying a battery draining method of GPS tracking, the service instead tracks subscribers when in network coverage area.
  • Multiple instances of updates to recipients can be initiated at once.
  • Track Me / Track Me Day services are applicable for all pre-pay and post-pay Tata Docomo GSM subscribers currently in select cities only.
  • Track Me services are available on best effort basis and subject to network coverage.
  • The service is limited to subscribers voluntarily agreeing to disclosure of their location coordinates.
  • SMS TM <Recipient’s ten digit mobile Number> to 55777 for 2 hour service.
  • SMS TMD <Recipient’s ten digit mobile Number> to 55777 for 8 hour service.
  • Activated subscriber will receive confirmation SMS on service initiation, service usage and service charges.
  • On service activation, Track Me recipient receives subscriber’s service initiation SMS followed by subscriber’s 1st location detail SMS.
  • The recipient continues receiving location details for the following 2 hours or 8 hours depending on choice of subscriber plan.
  • For Track Me service, the recipient continues receiving subscriber’s location SMS at 15 minute intervals for 2 hours.
  • For Track Me Day service, the recipient continues receiving subscriber’s location SMS at 30 minute intervals for 8 hours.
  • Track Me service plan is billed at Rs.5/- per event and Track Me Day service plan is billed at Rs.10/- per event inclusive of all location tracking and SMS transactions between user and recipient.

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